Angelo Lanza began his career in the 90’s traveling throughout Italy and USA in search of new photographic stimuli to formulate his style.

Following a period in Chicago, he decided to return to Italy and settled in Milan, the capital of fashion photography. Influenced by the fashion and style in women’s magazines, Angelo’s work is stimulated by the quotidian experience.

In 2008 he founded a fashion magazine called round, with some friends, in which he led the creative direction and contributed as a photographer.

Clients: Ferudtin Zakirov, Sicilia Outlet Village, Roy Roger’s, Rodo, Jhon Barrit (Mavecon), Havana & Co, Julian Keen, Pietro Brunelli, Air Force (Men, Women And Children), Medavita, L’oreal, Make Up Forever, Nazzareno Gabrielli, Drop And Roll, Del France Ribeiro, Angelo Toma, Tardia, Alessandro Dell’acqua, Fabiana Filippi, Canipelli –Firenze (Naples –Florida).

Magazines: Af, Maxim (Italy), Icon (France), Preferred Magazine (Canada), Pratica, Fur, Collezioni, Ars Arpel, 20 Anni, Bella, S Magazine (Sweden), Grazia, Gq (Italy).

Now Angelo Works As Art Director For Af Magazine.

Angelo is based in Milan.

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