Alessandro Esposito is an Italian Creative/Art Director and Photographer. Thanks to her passion for the world of film, she graduated in Communication Sciences and then moved to Milan and graduated from the Biennial Visual Communication and Photography course at CFP Riccardo Bauer in Milan, while working as an assistant for well-known photographers and fashion designers.

He decided to devote himself exclusively to photography, spurred by his continuous success in various exhibitions and photography competitions in Berlin, Barcelona and Rome.

For over fifteen years he has been working in the city of Milan, Since some years, he is teaching photography at the European Institute of Design in Milan.

Fascinated by digital art, he has always tried to combine different artistic expressions with photography, experimenting with new forms of contemporary language. Being in search of continuous experimentation, Alessandro Esposito implements works of still life, portraits, fashion lookbook and advertising for many major brands and established designers.

Studies, field experience and continuous research of themes and styles appropriate to the various concepts, have allowed him to become Creative Director, creating for different brand advertising campaigns and editorials for international magazines.

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