With a thriving journey in the high-end photo industry in Paris for almost a decade, Chanel Farkas has honed her craft to perfection. Her tenure has been marked by numerous collaborations with esteemed clients and prestigious projects, solidifying her reputation as a seasoned photographer.

Through her time in the City of Light, she has immersed herself in the vibrant artistic scene, drawing inspiration from the richness of Parisian culture and infusing her work with an exquisite touch of sophistication. 

For Chanel, still life and portraits are the perfect canvases to express herself and nurture her creativity.

This love for nature intertwines with her creative identity, infusing her work with a unique, uplifting perspective.

Her portfolio stands as a testament to meticulous professionalism, harmoniously blended with a profound connection to the essence of art. 

Driven by a fascination with symbolism and colors, she has delved into the study of tarot, influenced by Jodorowsky’s legacy. This exploration has cultivated within her a unique sensibility, enriching her artistry, and allowing her to imbue her work with deeper meanings and emotions.  

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