SABRINA BOLZONI Fashion & Beauty Editor and more…. a fashion and beauty editor with many years of experience in women’s magazines. She is dynamic and enthusiastic, with a broad culture of the history of costume and fashion, as well as a proven knowledge of photography and image editing. My boundless desire to grow has led me to enrich my skills with an upgrading in the social media management field. I combined my editorial training acquired in newspapers with the “digital” language.






Once upon a time there was a golden curls little girl named Sabrina, she was born in Milano at the end of the 70s.

She raised up surrounded by lots of love and lots of “beauty”, her maternal grandmother Marie, was a piano player, and her paternal grandmother was a stylist, they always accompanied her by hand in environments full of colors, art prints, music and ballet.  Classic dance became her biggest passion for more than 20 years.

Humanities studies will complete her personality, addressed to art and all its forms.  A foggy day she accidentally “crashed” into a fairy, transformed into one of her best friends, that, as per magic, wide opened the door of the glossy fashion world.  She spent many years in learning how to recognize tissues, shapes, cuts of luxury dresses, always recalling the “beauty” gifted from her adorable grandmothers.

When she finally took off, ready for her new professional life, she could not count how many photos, shows, travels were filling up her experiences bag.  She jealously cared the key of her trunk, it was a precious key…. Tiffany’s!

Using it very often, one day, she noticed that this key was not just opening her trunk, but it was unlocking situations and moments of her life.  And.. as knows, not all life’s moments are happy and sunny, thus she realized that her key had something magic.  One day, in august, she fell in a black tunnel, even this, suddenly self-opened, it was so dark that she could not foresee the constant heaviness she would have to face from that moment on.

Her grandmother Marie tought her to face life’s difficulties waking up every morning with a smile.. .. and this is what she did even though it was really difficult and exhausting.  By chance, she felt that her key had phenomenal powers, rubbing it she could find  the best solutions for what she had to solve, but, overall, it was giving her lots of courage to handle this darkest moment.  Whilst the colors palette, she had in her mind since she was a baby,  was becoming more and more monochrome, Sabrina understood that her perception for the “beauty” was fading.

But she could not live without colors and beautiful things.  She did not give up and took advantage of this forced relax to amplify her skills even more lighted up but uncapable to show up.  With her key she managed to see new horizons, to go deeply into aesthetic items never explored before and she realized that harmony was in developing and improving all what she needed to feel comfortable; the beauty in different nuances, new, never met before, but able to make her heart beat strongly again.  Seeing with different eyes the colors and the several faces of aesthetic was as to be born again and she understood that SHE was the key.  Now she is ready to face new worlds, new challenges and offering her renewed experience of the beauty to whom desires to rebuild the own vision and imagine with a sensitivity that comes straight from lots’ of work, attention and from the intertwining of deep feelings and experiences.

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