Born in France, Stefanie grew up in an artistic family alongside her father, an established scenographer and photographer.

 After graduating from the Ecole supérieure d’art moderne and esmod as a designer and artistic director she wandered for almost twenty years in a rock-arty way through the fashion scene, placing art and style at the core of her creative vision.

Now she embarks on a new photographic direction where symbolism and gender confusion express her fascination with the experience of oneself.


L’oreal, Vogue Taiwan, Vogue Ua, Vogue Italia, Vogue Ukraine, Harper’s Bazaar, Gq Style, L’officiel, Madame Figaro, Prestige Men Style, Lui Italia, Lions, Oob, Lucy’s, Sticks And Stones, Solstice, Estela, Candid, Burn, Basic, Amenity, Pansy, Nakid, Noctis, 7hues, Normal

Stefanie lives in Paris France, where she is Based

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