Bohdan Bohdanov was born in Molodohvardiysk, Luhansk area in Ukraine.

His passion for photography started when he was 14 years old in 2010. A childhood’s hobby that turned into a real profession.

In 2013 he applied in Luhansk’s Academy of art and culture where he graduated in “photography abilities”.

When, during the spring of 2014, the war began, he had to leave his town and at 18 years old he moved to Moscow, where he lived for the following eight years.

Bohdan built his career by his own without being assistant of big professionists, ever. For eight years he hardly worked month by month creating his personal project to acquire his own visual language.

He also worked with celebrities which gave him the opportunity to introduce himself to a larger circle of people.

In February 2022 after a massive Russian military invasion in Ukraine, Bohdan decided to leave Russia and his whole career to start a new one in Europe.

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