Anika Esposito was born in Milan. After a period of experience as a visual within boutique highest level such as Ferre, Iceberg, Ter Et Batine, Palzileri he decides to move his talent in the styling world.
In 15 years he has worked with the biggest names of the fashion industries.
Anika differs in styling for its elegance and class, in the enhancement of the head without exceeding the “too much” and wisely dosing accessories and combinations.
Over the years Anika discovers a marked sensitivity to the world of music enough to be able to support artists of the caliber are angry Celentano, Gianna Nannini, Cesare Cremonini …
Pierpaolo Ferrari, Stefano Gilera, Filippo Fortis, Moreno Monti, Nancy Fina, Viola Armellino, Andrea Chiabai, Sergio Valente, Paul Esposito, Angelo Lanza, Massimo Bestetti, Luca Fazi, Gianguido Rossi,

Vogue Accessory, A, Vanity Fair, Elle, Gioa, Class, Fashion, Marie Claire, Officiel
Rock Economy (Adriano Celentano), Gianna Nanni (and me tour 2011), Cesare Cremonini, Kesha