He started his professional career as a Fashion Designer, collaborating with big fashion companies. This job gave him the keys to learn about fabrics, about making samples and work in team to build-up several collections every season. In 2000 he began working as a fashion stylist for fashion editorials but also collaborating with big advertising company (J. Walter Thomphson one above others). From 2003 to 2006 he has been Fashion Editor for “Casa Editrice Universo” medias company. In the last six yeas he worked close to the web reality: as a product stylist for several fashion web-sites and e-commerce shops where is often in charge of editorial contents for social medias as Facebook or Instagram. Currently he is also a professor at IED-Moda Lab, for international Fashion Stylist and Visual Merchandiser courses. He speaks currently in english and french.

Photographers: Fulvio Maiani, Aldo Fallai, Riccardo Bagnoli, Conrad Godley, Zoltan Tombor, Bruna Rotunno, Paul Zambaldi, Tony Thorimberg, Frances Mellhorp.
Magazines: Marie Clair ( HK )Fox man, Max, Style, Zink, Fashion Art, Gentleman, Shon (online), Flamboyantmagazine (online)