Giancarlo Guccione works with beauty in a 360° for more than 15 years. Approximately, 10 years ago he discovered the magic world of nails which he fell in love and 5 years after he was defined by ELLE as a “Milanese Nail Guru”. The magazines usually ask him, as an expert, the next trends and his opinions for their reviews and articles.

In 2015, he participated as a competitor in the reality show Best in Town at Real Time (channel 31) and in 2016/2017, he worked as a tutor in Caterina Balivo’s TV show “Detto Fatto” at Rai 2.

In fashion, he worked with several brands, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Tod’s, Armani, Emporio Armani, Marni, Preciosa and Swarovski. He also collaborated with the best stylists and it’s possible to see his works in several magazines from Italy and abroad.

He loves to create stylish nails and, like his makeup artists and hair stylists colleagues, develop new trends or refine some of them. He specialized in nails, nailart and hands and feet because he worked with several brands with which he grew up, such as Fedua, MollonPro, OPI, Essie and Louboutin.